Why Go To The Movies When You Can Stay In With Your Home Theater? Components Worth Buying

Everyone loves going to the movies, but no one loves the price tag. Would it not be great if you could just pay one big price tag and then go to the movies for life without paying anything else ever again? That is exactly what having your own home theater system is like. If you really want to create a very realistic movie theater in your home, there are a few things you should invest in and install in a room designated for this exact purpose. 

Acoustic Paneling 

You have noticed the seemingly carpeted walls in a movie theater, right? That is not exactly carpeting, nor is it really sound-proofing. That is acoustic paneling, which helps decrease echoes from the audio playback of the movies inside the theater, while amplifying the sound from the sound speakers to make you feel like you are inside the movie itself. This is not something you should install yourself because it requires knowledge of how the paneling works, as well as careful placement of each panel for the best sound experience. 

Theater Speaker System

At the beginning of every movie in the theater, you have probably seen a brief announcement for "Dolby digital surround sound" or something similar to that. It is telling you the name of the manufacturer of the surround sound speaker system used in that theater, and the sound track created for each movie that is tailored to be delivered through that sound system. Likewise, you will need a high quality surround sound speaker system in your home theater to make it seem as authentic a movie theater experience as you can get. These speakers should also be installed within the walls and niches around the room so that you cannot see them (only hear them!). You can have the speakers installed either before or after the acoustic paneling. 

The Seats

Movie theaters are moving away from the padded stadium seating and towards reclining leather seats. This is good to know for two reasons. One, you could probably offer to buy a few sets of the seats the movie theater is removing. They will sell the old seats off anyway. Two, if you do not want the padded stadium seats, there are similar power reclining seats for sale at most furniture stores. The theater experience at home is nothing unless you have seats that are just like the ones in the movie theaters.