3 Benefits of Wireless Charging Pads

These days, new technologies emerge every day, and the world of cell phone- and gadget-charging is no different. Since many new devices are becoming waterproof, manufacturers have moved away from onboard charging ports and moved towards remote charging with the help of wireless charging pads. Here are three benefits of wireless charging pads and why you won't regret the decision to upgrade your charger. 

1. Charge Multiple Devices at Once. Unlike old cord-based charging systems, charging pads enable the user to charge multiple devices at one time. For instance, a charging pad large enough could be used to power your phone, smartwatch, and wireless headset, while one outlet and cord could only be used before to charge one item at a time. 

If you find yourself short on outlets or charging cables, investing in a wireless charging pad may be worth your time. Additionally, many wireless charging pads are designed to blend in seamlessly with their surroundings, eliminating much of the cluttered mess old cords used to create.  

2. Don't Fuss with Extra Wires. While modern charging pads typically have at least one wire that connects it to your power outlet, these systems eliminate the need for running additional wires and AC cables to and from your phone, simplifying your charging areas and preventing trip and fall incidents. 

Instead of stringing charging cables across the floors of your home, you can simply create a charging docking station for your devices, where the pad can be close to a main outlet. In addition to eliminating the need to keep track of charging cables, wireless charging pads also prevent users from unintentionally plugging the wrong devices into the wrong chargers, which could potentially cause internal electrical issues. 

3. Prevent Hardware Damage. Over time, plugging in devices repeatedly can be hard on their ports, bending the surrounding area and creating the need for repairs. Additionally, tripping over charging cables could allow computers, smartphones, or other handheld devices to fall to the ground, causing serious hardware damage. 

However, when you have a dedicated space to place items when the charger and cords aren't involved, you can eliminate the risks involved with hardware damage, potentially extending the life span of your devices. 

If you are considering wireless charging, look for a wireless charging pad that is built to accommodate your devices. In addition to speeding the charging process and allowing for no-fuss nightly routines, wireless charging is a sleeker, more aesthetically pleasing way to charge devices at home.  

If this interests you, look into buying something like a Baseus wireless charging pad today.