Three Reasons To Get Your Children Interested In Pinball

A lot of children enjoy playing video games, but if you're keen on giving your kids another type of gaming experience, you might wish to buy a pinball machine for your home. With countless different themes and designs available, you'll have fun browsing the options at a dealer that specializes in these machines. Whether you bring the machine home as a surprise or you talk about it in advance of buying it, you can expect that your children will be interested in learning how to play. Here are some reasons that you may want to get your children interested in pinball.

It's Not Violent

Many parents feel concerned about their children being exposed to violent imagery in certain video games. If you've perhaps noticed that these games change your children's behavior to some degree or perhaps even give them nightmares if they're younger, you may worry about the toll that these games are having on your kids — especially if they play them a lot. You'll want to look for a recreational activity that isn't violent. Pinball machines can be a good option because they're mostly suitable for all ages. There are all sorts of machines that have fun and non-scary themes that can be ideal for even young children.

It Teaches Problem Solving

Another appealing thing about pinball is that it can teach children to solve problems. Kids often find success in certain video games by tapping buttons as hard and fast as possible rather than thinking analytically, but this approach won't work in pinball. To succeed in pinball, kids will learn how to change how they move the paddles to affect the trajectory of the ball. For example, a child may discover how lightly moving one of the paddles will cause the balls to gently roll into an area that yields a higher score.

It Requires More Movement

A child who plays video games can sit almost stationary for hours at a time. Over a prolonged period, too much sitting can often lead to issues such as childhood obesity. Another reason that pinball can be appealing is that it requires more movement than playing video games. Not only does your child need to stand while they play, but they'll also learn to lean left and right at various times as they reach for various buttons. You can expect that your children will move a lot more when they switch from video games to pinball. To look at pinball machines for sale, contact a dealer such as Old Town Pinball.